VaCCINE Side Effects:
It’s always an acceptable Risk.....
Until it happens to your child

Congratulations, you are now taking the steps to becoming a well informed parent.  Your child is lucky to have such a parent like you who cares enough to take a second look.

If you are a bit confused at this moment, don't worry, you are not alone, and you are the reason this page exists.  The majority of parents today are really unaware they could be putting their child at greater risk by allowing them to be vaccinated. Contrary to popular belief the scientific community is not 100% behind mandated vaccination laws in this country.  Thus you have a consensus of thought rather than solid scientific evidence  supporting vaccine mandates.  Which for a lack of a better term translates into Junk Science. Numerous main stream scientific studies reveal the actual harm to our society because of current vaccination policy.  I feel it is important that all parents be able to make a fully informed consent  and have that choice respected by their medical provider as well as the state.

It seems unfair to have a medical establishment that is woefully inadequate in giving federally mandated informed consent and then expect a parent to blindly accept vaccine mandates without question. 

The liability now rests on the doctors shoulders because the pharmaceutical industry is exempt from liability according to federal laws.  Therefore if your medical provider fails to inform you of about the risks associated with  your child receiving a vaccination or fails to respect your choice not to have a vaccination. You now have 3 choices:

(1)Either trust their judgment without question (unwise) .

(2) File a complaint against the doctor for breaking AMA established ethical codes as well as established federal law. 

(3) Contact an attorney that will offer protection for you and your child from medical battery.

Your rights as a health care consumer need to be respected. exists to help you gain the important knowledge you need to keep your self respect and the safety of your family intact.

The information provided on the DVD is designed to help you develop a list of questions that will help any parent carry on an informed discussion with their health care provider.  So, say good bye to the intimidation and coercive tactics of the medical profession.   If you can answer the questions better than they can, then the intimidation stops, and the respect for your concerns begins.

Part 1 The Childhood Vaccination Controversy: Questions all parents should ask. 
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Part 2 The Childhood Vaccination Controversy: Questions all parents should ask. 
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